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NetStar-USA Services

DID YOU KNOW? offers more than just Dial-Up Internet services. In fact, NetStar-USA has been offering more to consumers since we first opened our doors in 1998. Read below to learn more about what else we can do for you.

  • Dial-Up Internet
    Whether you are a beginner who just wants to surf the internet and check email, or you're a computer whiz that demands more speed and a vast array of features; NetStar-USA has the services to fit your needs.

  • E-mail
    E-mail comes Free with your dial-up account!
    If you do not have internet service with us, we offer e-mail accounts for $9.95/Year and only $1.00 monthly for each additional account. Why use NetStar-USA over Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, and other free e-mail accounts? To add that extra detail of professionalism and credibility that comes from a paid address (i.e.

  • Web Hosting
    Whether you want to plant your flag in cyber space or you have a business that requires dedicated solutions with tons of space; NetStar-USA has a variety of hosting plans/options to meet your needs.

  • Web Design
    In addition to hosting your website, NetStar-USA can also build your website. From a one page landing page, to full blown eCommerce solutions and everything in between; we have afforable packages that will get your website up and running the way you want it!

  • Call Alert
    Never miss another call again while you're online. Our Call Alert program will notify you of incoming calls without disconnecting you from the internet! You can choose to ignore the call or to disconnect and accept the incoming call.

  • Tech Support & Customer Service
    NetStar-USA offers this service for Free for all of our customers!
NetStar-USA is a nationwide Internet Service Provider, available in more than 8,000 cities across North America. NetStar-USA offers unlimited paid service.
NetStar-USA's accelerated dial up Internet access offers a high-quality Internet connection for less than most other ISP's. The service will be downloaded in as little as 2 minutes and provides POP and webmail from any computer, a reliable Internet connection, compatibility with instant messaging programs, and Internet service for Mac users. Web surfing† up to five times faster than conventional dial up and includes Pop-up Blocker. The NetStar-USA High Speed Internet service works from any phone jack using a standard dial up connection and does not require any new hardware.
*Additional phone charges and usage restrictions may apply.